Blessing of the Lighting
of the Shabbat Candles

With anticipation for the coming Shabbat we light the candles before sundown.  It's nice to begin this part of the
Blessings in those last moments before Shabbat to make the most of our time in celebration with our Father.  In
the strictest sense, we are instructed not to kindle a fire on Shabbat.  

Dim the other lights of the room and light the candles with "pomp and circumstance".  After they are lit, gaze into
the flame to ponder the solemnity of the words about to be said. Enjoy the glowing warmth and peace from the
candles, as this is a symbolic glimpse at the essence of Shabbat. Encircle the flame three times with your hands
and arms, covering your eyes after the last pass; then recite the words of the blessing:
Hebrew Liturgy:

Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheynu Melech ha'olam,
Asher kid-shanu b'mistzvotav ve'tzvanu,
le'hadlik ner shel Shabbat.
venatan lanu Yeshua Maschiach
Meshechianu haOhr le'olom
English Liturgy:   

Blessed are Thou, Lord our God, King of the universe,
Who has sanctified us by Thy commandments,
and commanded us to kindle Shabbat lights.
(concerning the kindling fire)
and gave to us Messiah Yeshua
Our Messiah, the light of the world
When you feel moved to, you can add any additional
blessing, but here are some suggestions:

The Lord is our light and our salvation.  In His name we kindle these Shabbat lights.

May the Shabbat lights bring into our home the beauty of truth and the radiance of God's love.

May the Lord bless us with Shabbat joy.

May the Lord bless us with Shabbat Holiness.

May the Lord bless us with Shabbat peace.

If the children are able, it's fun for them to "imitate" with their own set of candles and feel a sense of
belonging in the Shabbat event.  Most often the woman of the home conducts this blessing, but a man may light
the candles and recite the blessing as well.
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