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Tacoma's premier
Messianic Congregation,
serving Tacoma since 1991.

Yeshua (Jesus) is the KING
of kings and LORD of lords.
Sunday Mornings
10:30AM - 11:00AM
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Say NO to assimilation
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Fruits of the Spirit you know God?

When the Spirit of God is present in someone, it shows up in our character.  In other words, the Holy Spirit
changes the way we live our life so that it benefits the people around us. Yeshua calls it the 'Fruit of the Spirit', and
just like the fruit grown by a tree, it can nourish and sustain people all around it.

It's easy to criticize someone who is not showing us their fruit, but what does that say about our fruit?  We all have
difficult days and sometimes it can spill over into weeks or months.  What are you actively doing to help that one in
need?  Our deeds (actions) and not our prayers are our fruit.  Even the lost reach out to plead for favor from Him
in prayer.  It is written that we are saved by grace through faith.  It is also written that faith without works (our
deeds) is dead.  And what fruit comes out of a dead tree?
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What is a Messianic Synagogue?

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is
a quote by William Shakespeare from his play Romeo
and Juliet.  What he means here is that the names of
things do not matter, only what things are.  Many
Messianic believers wish to reinvent themselves by
looking for another descriptive label, for varied but
misguided reasons.  A Messianic Synagogue is the
coming together of Believer's in Yeshua (Jesus) of
Nazareth, which is foretold by the Hebrew prophets.

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Should we mock Prophecy?

Evangelist, pastor and teacher have become
the acceptable roles in the Ecclesia, but on whose
authority was the role of apostle and prophet
denied?  Was it the same "authority" that determined
the church replaced Israel?  Was it the church
leaders who denied the validity of G-d’s Holy Days?
Are we to believe anything from those who dismiss
“the law” even though Yeshua (Jesus) said, “If you
love me, then keep my commandments?  

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This site is certified ASSIMILATION PROOF

The Messianic movement is many things, but one of its key elements is the work to restore the lost Hebraic
nature of scripture faith. Sometimes this is called returning to our Jewish roots, and so in part it is, but it is more.
The Most High gave an eternal style to our ancient faith that would be unmistakable in the world as belonging to
Him.  His people were to be His own and be His unique witness to the world. We are to be a chosen people, a
kingdom of priests, a holy nation.

One of the worst things that could happen to the people of Adonai is to assimilate into the world's fashion:  to think
like the world things and to follow the world’s lead.  Our purpose is to lead the worl to worship and obey the
Almighty. With such a task before us we must be assimilation proof. We must reflect the ancient ways He gave us,
else how can we show that we have something different and better to offer the world.

Please join us in the effort to remain a holy, unique people for the glory of Elohim. Let us together peaceably fight
the good fight against assimilation by this evil world system. Thank you and shalom.
(Reprinted by permission of CTOMC)
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What was the
Holy Half Shekel?

While other commandments
become an obligation upon
reaching the age 12 for
girls and 13 for boys, the
the Holy Half Shekel
becomes mandatory only at
the age of  20. It was to be
purchased by 20 year olds
and older--the age for
military service.

It was the world's first
insurance policy, which was
intended for a soldier's
soul. That if, during the
course of military service,
we commit harm to another,
this harm would not tarnish
our souls because of the
atonement for giving our
souls back to God when we
gave the Holy Half Shekel.  
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We demonstrate our relationship with Abba.... the way we show LOVE to one another.
However, the word indicates the shekel was the great equalizer amongst the congregation,
so all would be able to partake responsibly and equally in the upkeep of the dwelling place
of God.  In that sense, it does serve as a spiritual assurance against high mindedness or
heavy handedness of the soul.
Even before He made us, the one KING of Kings, who is also the CREATOR of all things
and the
HOLY SPIRIT of all wisdom and truth...

...valued us so much, that HE decided HE would come and pay the penalty for our sin.

We've all sinned and earned the wage of death—our debt is paid in full when we humble ourselves to repent and
ask that our wicked ways are changed through HIS redeeming fellowship and work.
Are you really a believer?
"Forgive us our tresspasses AS WE FORGIVE those who trespass against us..."  
Our life MUST be a continuous cycle of repentance
Congregation T’shuvat Yisrael - You can visit Tshuvat Yisrael, the premier Messianic Congregation, here in Tacoma WA. Thanks for dropping by!
"Balancing the Goodness of Torah with the Grace and Mercy of Messiah"